There was a time when you called your primary care physician, "my family doctor". He or she was your confidant and guiding counsel. Your physician was someone who took the time to listen and understand your life not just your symptoms.
The sad truth is, this experience is so far removed from today's impersonal, two-minute visit with an overworked doctor - often a complete stranger - that most people think those days are gone forever.
At My Doctor, we've returned care to health care. Here, choosing your family or personal doctor is the beginnning of a very healthy relationship. Here, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your doctor has time to get to know you and your needs. That you can make appointments that fit your schedule, have direct phone access to your doctor, and enjoy home or hospital visits from a friendly face when you need them. Here, you - and your family - have a powerful partner for well being. Because at My Doctor, we've also returned preventive health to health care.
Be Well
There was a time when practitioners were more concerned with caring than accounting. We've brought those times back for you. To discover more about the benefits to you and your family of having a personal doctor attuned to your needs, please take a few minutes to read this informative site. Then call or email us to sign up or take a tour.